SpiceFX for Movie Maker

SpiceFX for Movie Maker 16.4

Adds new effects and transitions to Movie Maker
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Improves Windows Movie Maker by adding color adjustments, brightness fixes, customizable positioning for animations, texts, logos or graphics as well as effects and transitions.

SpiceFX is a powerful tool for enhancing video editing.
The application includes many (over 670) pre-made video transitions, video effects, with drag and drop support for Movie Maker so that users can create customized visual effects, as well as perform a color correction, brightness and contrast adjustments, gain crop support, and more.

SpiceFX also comes with very easy-to-follow wizards that guide users throughout all the video editing process. Each wizard is a short and independent program, intuitive and visual, which helps users to create customized effects and, later on, import them to Movie Maker. Different packs add different transitions for users to include in their videos.

Panorama effects, picture in picture and organic transitions, zoom effects, seamless transitions, cutting edge, organic and fire transitions. Very impressive when inserted into music videos. Wind, gravity, and dozens of other transitions add a 'natural' effect to videos.

Users can apply corrections to brightness, contrast and color, add framing effects, cartoon animation effects, abstract looks; soften and sharpen, apply smoothing, retouching skins, old film scratches, time delay effects, shapes, softness, panorama and zoom effects to emphasize the main subject, adjusting subtitle directional options, movements, geometric fading and much more.

Ignacio Solves
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