SpiceFX for Movie Maker

SpiceFX for Movie Maker 6.0

It turns Movie Maker into much more powerful video editing software
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SpiceFX for Windows Movie Maker offers an amazing range of effects and transitions, affordably turning Movie Maker into much more powerful (but still easy to use) video editing software.
This tool effects also enhance your everyday video editing flexibility. Customize and adjust color, contrast, brightness, blur, sharpness, pan zooms, crops, text position/animation, logo/graphic overlays, and more -- easily and visually!

Apply these effects & transitions instantly; drag-and-drop onto the timeline like built-in Movie Maker effects and transitions! The pre-made PACK presets are the easiest way to create fresh, unique visuals in Movie Maker previously possible only in expensive video editing software. Includes 600+ terrific effect & transition additions!

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