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Publisher's description

SpiceFX for Windows Movie Maker offers an amazing range of effects and transitions, affordably turning Movie Maker into much more powerful (but still easy to use) video editing software.
This tool effects also enhance your everyday video editing flexibility. Customize and adjust color, contrast, brightness, blur, sharpness, pan zooms, crops, text position/animation, logo/graphic overlays, and more -- easily and visually!
Apply these effects & transitions instantly; drag-and-drop onto the timeline like built-in Movie Maker effects and transitions! The pre-made PACK presets are the easiest way to create fresh, unique visuals in Movie Maker previously possible only in expensive video editing software. Includes 600+ terrific effect & transition additions!
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What's new in version 6.0

- SceneFixer Wizard. Contrast/brightness controls AND advanced color correction for Movie Maker!
- Blur-Sharpen Wizard. Give yourself complete control over blurring and sharpening in Movie Maker!
- FilmTouch Wizard. 200 professional presets for popular film looks. Each effect look is adjustable for brightness, contrast, and effect power, giving you complete creative control.
- Direct referencing of video clips. Reference images in a Wizard help you choose and position your custom effect.
- Set duration easier. Just click the indicator under the preview to set the preview's duration, to match the intended duration in the Movie Maker timeline.
- Improved help. More visuals and tips are now in the attached step-by-step Help panel for each Wizard. Nice!
- Copy/paste Bins. Right-click a Bin to copy/paste its effect to another Bin in the Wizard.
- In SpiceFX 6, you can now add a drop shadow behind your title text.
- Set the fade type for any title animation now in version 6.
- In SpiceFX 6, you can more easily create complex motion paths for accents in the AccentFX Wizard.
- Handy additional frame, elliptical and oval shapes are now in version 6, plus one-sided shapes to quickly create lower-thirds backdrops for titles, etc.
- In SpiceFX 6, you can reverse the flow/direction of the picture in picture transition, giving you greater editing flexibility.
- Handy additional frame, elliptical and oval shapes are in version 6, doubling the available picture in picture shapes available to you.

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    Guest 8 months ago

    There is a weird place. I think you should go through Windows Live and then Photo Gallery. That's where I've found mine.

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    Guest 8 months ago

    Can't find the Moviemaker folder. Any Suggestions?

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    Guest 9 months ago

    OMG guys you know nothing! There is no movie maker folder. You right click on any video you have on your PC and want to use in your video and go to open with then click Windows Movie Maker!

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